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I would like a buy a Murraygold puppy - General Information


The decision to buy a puppy is a huge commitment both emotionally and financially, so please take the time to read some key information below.

Is a golden retriever the right breed for me?  


This breed is beautiful animal and make a great family pet due to their gentle temperament, intelligence and overall happy disposition. We have a number of important criteria that we consider when deciding on the future homes for our puppies.


  A golden retriever puppy is not the right dog breed for you if you:

  • are seeking a guard dog.  Although a goldens size and initial barking might deter an intruder, they are typically gentle and friendly to everyone

  • don't have a secure backyard.  MURRAYGOLD CRITERIA - we ask to see photos of your backyard showing secure fencing and gates

  • don't have a big enough yard with plenty of grass.  This is a large dog breed and not suited to townhouses/ flats with small yards/courtyards, no matter how active you may be.  If this is you, please choose a smaller dog breed better suited to your living arrangements.  MURRAYGOLD CRITERIA: will not sell puppies to families who do not have an adequately sized yard, irrespective of the close proximity to parks/reserves.  We do ask for address information and/or photos that verify the size of your yard and confirm grassed areas

  • are meticulous gardeners and worried about holes in your garden

  • have allergies to dog hair, as their double coat does produce a lot of hair

  • are unable to walk a dog twice daily, ideally for two or more hours in total

  • away for long periods of the day, or do not want an inside dog.  Golden retriever puppies need human company and stimulation and we will not sell puppies to families who won't let their dog inside.  MURRAYGOLD CRITERIA - you must have work & home arrangement so that a new puppy has someone home most days during the first 12 months of life.  We want prospective families that have a work-life balance most suited to raising a puppy so they can invest time training and caring for them

  • are physically able to handle a large breed of up to 40kg that can, at times, be boisterous and physically demanding

  • not committed to undertaking obedience training; this is vital to maximise the value of this breed

  • MURRAYGOLD CRITERIA: not prepared to sign a breeder contract upon purchase of a puppy.  This is a signed agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of sale of a Murraygold puppy.  It articulates breeder and owner responsibilities & duty of care.


Benefits of purchasing a puppy from Murraygold

At Murraygold, breeding is carefully planned to bring out the best golden retriever attributes. We strive to produce puppies with gentle, even temperaments, high intelligence and excellent physical appearance and health.


Purchasing a puppy from Murraygold means that you are buying from a breeder, registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). The ANKC is the only internationally recognised registry in Australia able to issue certified pedigrees for purebred dogs.  A pedigree is essentially a birth certificate for your dog and proof that they are purebred and shows a three generation family tree. 

Murraygold puppies are only sold on the Limited ANKC Register, which confirms their pedigree but puppies are not eligible for breeding, export or confirmation shows, however, they can compete in obedience trials and many dog sports.  ANKC certified puppies are also recognised pedigrees with the state government and local councils for the purpose of cheaper registrations and desexing exemptions

Our puppies are raised in our home with family, and spend quality time with family members and children.  They receive lots of neurological stimulation and love from an early age, making them trusting of human contact and well socialised prior to leaving to their new families.  We believe this to be very important.  We are absolutely not a puppy farm who breed dogs purely for the financial gain.  We breed dogs for their sheer love of the breed and would only sell puppies that we would be happy to purchase ourselves.



Health screening information

All our dogs are hip and elbow scored and only dogs with low scores are used for breeding: results are shown on dog sub pages. Our dogs also have no auscultatory evidence of cardiac disease (cardiac certificate of examination issued by a qualified veterinary cardiologist) and no eye abnormalities detected (eye examination certificate issued by a registered specialist in veterinary ophthalmology). We have recently started to DNA test our dogs to ensure they test negative to all known hereditary conditions & traits.


All Murraygold puppies are registered with Dogs Victoria and go home to their new homes with a vet check, vaccinated, (certificate of vaccination) wormed, micro-chipped and come with a detailed puppy information booklet to help with puppy raising and training. We are also happy to provide follow up help and advice as needed.


Can I adopt or purchase an older Murraygold dog?

Murraygold only offers a limited amout of puppies for sale, not older dogs. If you are seeking an older dog  please visit the Golden Retriever Rescue website, who are always seeking homes for older goldens.


We also do not offer any dogs for adoption.


Selecting the right puppy for you

Every puppy has its own personality and, as such, in the first 8 weeks, Murraygold spends many hours getting to know the temperament of individual puppies and matching an owner with the most suitable puppy.  If you are seeking a puppy for a specific reason, such as showing or obedience, then all of this is taken into careful consideration.


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