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Lucy's final litter

In March 2022, Lucy had her very last litter of puppies -  2 males and 2 females, sired by our stud dog, Murray.   


Lucy really enjoyed this litter and was ever attentive to their needs and seemed to breeze through the 8 weeks every easily, with lots of prior experience to draw from.  We cherished these final 4 pups, being Lucy's last ever.  All off Lucy's puppies have been just just beautiful and we seriously tempted to keep a puppy.

These 4 darlings went home to their furever families in early May and we've received some wonderful feedback. 



From Juni's owners...Juni is settling in well.  He's very smart - already toilet trained and knows how to sit, stay and drop!  He is sooky yet quite independent! Likes to be with us but is also happy to do his own thing.

juni and crippen.jpg

Above: Lucy's litter combined with Ember's puppies



From Hank's owners...Hank is all settled and we're loving our big, sweet, teddy bear!.  He's so sweet and well behaved, but with a big personality.  We love him!

hank and halford.jpg


From Nova's owners...Nova is a smart, confident and sassy girl with plenty of personality now that she has settled in.  If she doesn't like something or thinks you aren't giving her enough attention, she will let you know.  She loves her training too. 

nova and gigliuto.jpg


From Artemis's owners...Artemis has settled in well.  She's a very relaxed, cuddly puppy and has quickly become my shadow when awake.  Even our cat has felt comfortable enough to visit her space and give her nose kisses. I'm confident that she will be very happy in our family. 

artemis and westcott.jpg
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