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Ember's second litter

Ember was joined with Murray (our stud dog) for the second time and in late October she successfully delivered 10 beautiful, healthy puppies: 8 males and 2 females.  It was quite a shock for us as her x-ray taken in her final stages of pregnancy, only suggested she had 8 puppies.  Somehow, Ember had another two pups hiding inside her tummy. She did another amazing job creating 10 healthy pups of very even weights and she was very attuned to their every need.  We couldn't be more proud.


The timing of this litter meant that our family was blessed with raising 10 balls of fluff right up to Christmas.  What a joy this was!  We loved getting to know all the puppies individually.  It also meant that 10 lucky families had the best Christmas present ever, with their new family member able to leave us from Christmas Eve onwards.  

Below are pictures of all the families on their collection day.  Each of them share reflections of their Murraygolden. We keep in touch with any family that chooses to share news of their puppies development and achievements.  It is an absolute joy for us to see our puppy families so delighted with their pups. 

ember_with second litter_nov 2022.jpg


From Albus's owners -- We have absolutely loved getting to know our little Albus!  Karen & Tim were amazing throughout the whole process and supported us to choose the perfect puppy for our lifestyle.  Albie is truly the perfect puppy - loves cuddles, exploring and is building more confidence every single day. He is the perfect balance of inquistive yet cautious and we look forward to a lifetime of adventures together.  Thank you so much Murraygold!


From Benedict's owners -- it was an easy decision to home another Murraygold puppy from Tim and Karen following welcoming Tobias into our home in 2020. Benedict has a sweet nature, seeking to be close to his 'Mum and Dad’ and of course loves to get up to a bit of mischief as all puppies do. The Agapanthus flowers have been carefully picked and laid at the door as a loving gift each day. He has slotted in beautifully as our second golden and training has been going extremely well as he looks to his big brother and emulates his good manners. Karen and Tim have gone above and beyond to ensure that we were provided with a healthy well bred dog and communication during the entire process was flawless with much anticipated weekly ‘Pup-dates’!  We are complemented frequently on how handsome our boys are and we would not hesitate to recommend them as reputable and trustworthy breeders of quality golden retrievers.


From Benny's owners-- Ever since Benny, our golden retriever puppy has joined our family, he has brought so much joy.  He can be so energetic and excited when he is playing, but also very gentle and calm when we cuddle him.  Benny is also loving and sometimes a little bit naughty.  From the first day we arrived home with him, he has gotten to know us all and made strong bonds with each of us.  We are all so surprised that he was able to settle so quickly and we enjoy spending every single day with him.  We are so grateful what we reached out to Murraygold in the hope of owning a puppy.  You have been such caring and responsible breeders who really care for all the puppies, which is clear through how healthy and happy Benny is.  We are so glad to have this puppy in our family and can't wait to make beautiful moments with him. 


From Bromley's owners -- Thanks so much Karen for breeding our gorgeous boy and giving us the opportunity to recreate our previous bloodline. We are all smitten with Bromley. He is our first male dog in 15 years and we just love him.


From Crispin's owners -- Crispin is simply the best, such a lovely boy full of love and energy.  Our vet agrees he is in perfect healthy and condition.  He did very well with his worming treatment this week as well. So well behaved and full of personality.


ernie's family_edited.jpg

From Ernie's owners -- We are so grateful to have Ernie join our family.  He has the most beautiful nature, he loves people and other dogs! He also loves cuddles and is great with our two little kids who are 2 and 4 years old.  We can't imagine our family without Ernie now and look forward to many fun days at the beach with him our kids.  We also would like to say a massive thank you to Murraygold.  Karen was so incredible throughout the process and we trusted her to match us with the right dog for our family. The care and the level of detail she provides was so appreciated and it's for this reason that the dogs are so lovely they have been so loved from day one.  We would highly recommend Murraygold for healthy, beautiful natured golden retriever. 


giasoumi and ludwig_edited.jpg

From Ludwig's owners -- The best decision we made is giving Elvis, our 2 year old golden retriever, a brother (Murraygold Elvis from Lucy's fourth litter).  Elvis is so happy with Ludwig and burns up a heap of energy playing with his new mate.  Ludwig is also a smart cookie.  In two days he has learnt to stay in his bed with Elvis, even whilst I sweep near him with an enticing bunch of rubbish is close-by!


From Luna's owners -- Luna has made a wonderful addition to our family. She is playful, affectionate and very cute.  We hope she is happy, healthy and continues to grow and develop with us. 

From Hollie's owners...Hollie has been settling in well.  We are very happy to have her. She is a lovely girl.  We love her so much.


From Malibu's owners -- Malibu is a confident and self-assured pup who loves to socialise with anyone, even her anti-social kitty sister.  She's a bundle of energy but also our little snuggle bug with a lovely temperament.  She has been a joy to train and is very eager to please.  We love her so much and thank Karen and Tim for choosing us as her forever family. 


From Sunni's owners -- Thank you Karen and Tim for being so supportive and welcoming, we are very grateful.  Sunni is settling in well and getting to know his sister and sleeping through the night.  He is just the greatest pup.

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