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Matilda (RIP)

Matilda (aka Tilly Bird) from Terarossa Golden Retrievers, will always hold a special place in our hearts for her intelligence and character.  This one of a kind golden, was the most human-like dog we've owned, from her defiant nature, desire to communicate (speaking to us with her woof greetings to various sounds howls and quips) and not forgetting her fascination with chickens. Tilly could read your mood and reacted with great instinct & empathy.  She would help carry the groceries from the car and collect the newspapers from the front lawn upon command.

Tilly was a fully trained companion dog with the Lort Smith Pet Therapy Program in Melbourne, where she regularly visited children at the Royal Children's Hospital and the elderly at various nursing homes. She loved being around people of all ages and other animals. Tilly suffered from arthritis in her senior years and lived until 10 years of age. Many a tear was shed when she departed! Fortunately her memory lives on in her distant descendants, Lucy & Murray.

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