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Lucy from Annabre Golden Retrievers, is a distant descendant or Archer and Matilda.  She has grown to be a gentle, water-loving dog and happiest on camping holidays where she can swim and run all day long with Murray & Ember by her side. Lucy is truly the alpha female and rules our goldy household. She sleeps by our front door at night always alerting us of any strange night noises!

Lucy has a hip score of 6 (3,3) and and elbow score of 1 (0,1).

Lucy had her first litter in January 2018 and was a natural mother. 


Lucy's second litter arrived in September 2018. 

Lucy's third litter arrived In January 2020.

Lucy's fourth litter arrived in October 2020.  

Lucy had her final litter in March, 2022 and is now retried to support Ember with grandmother duties into the future.

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