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About Murraygold

Murraygold is an ANKC registered breeder of golden retrievers (Dogs Victoria No. 3100038374), and located in picturesque north-east Victoria, Australia.  Dogs Victoria (Victorian Canine Association Inc) is the administrative body representing owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria.  Members are bound by a code of practice and ethics covering responsible dog ownership and breeding responsibilities.


Karen & Tim have owned many golden retrievers over the past 20 years and breed a limited number of litters to share our love of this breed with other families.  We love our dogs like children and choose the very best homes for our puppies.

Our puppies are born into a family environment, never kept unattended in kennels and are fully trusting of humans because we spend so much time with them in their first 8 weeks of life. Purchasing a Murraygold puppy means you are invited to our home, and can meet the sire and dam (and grandmother) as these are our family dogs.  We understand our dogs temperaments because we understand our genetic lines of golden retriever; we greatly value it for its gentle, affectionate and not-too exuberant nature.  We spend hours observing and interacting with our litters to match our puppies with the most suitable families based on their lifestyle, family composition and age. 


The process of puppy selection and puppy collection is never done at arms length in a paddock or caged enclosure or kennel. From the moment of purchase to collection there is regular and open communication with us and weekly updates and videos provided to new puppy families. When the time comes to collect your puppy, you are warmly welcomed to our home to meet and interact with all the Murraygoldens. You will be supported with advice and follow up communication after you leave with your new puppy and settle them into their new home.

All our adult dogs are very well socialised, obedient, and treated as part of the family and as such taken on holidays, family events and to nursing homes to visit our elderly relatives.

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