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Ember is Lucy's daughter from her third litter, sired by Zomarik Sir Glenfiddich (Whisky) from Lukhan Gold, New Zealand.  We are very grateful to Lukhan Gold, who share a similar passion for golden retriever lines with strong retrieval drive, stamina for field and agility work and gentle, even temperaments.

Ember's name comes from a combination of her birth date, in the middle of  significant bushfires in NE Victoria during Jan 2020,  combined with her gorgeous coat colour.  She is a bright, active puppy who is extremely quick to train and remember human behaviours.  She also was the easiest of any of our dogs to toilet train - we barely had to do much at all, except praise her from the beginning, whenever we saw her relieve herself outside.


​Ember has a hip score of 8 (2,6) and elbow score of 0.  Her DNA also tested negative to all congenital diseases and traits that can be tested for this breed  (Golden Retriever full breed profile analysis: Orivet - Melbourne).  


Ember had her first litter of 9 gorgeous puppies in March 2022. 

Ember had her second litter of 10 puppies in November 2022.

* please note, to minimise fraudulence by other non-registered ANKC breeders, we do not publish pedigree certificates or reports directly to our website but show originals in person to prospective puppy purchasers*

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