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Ember's first litter

In March 2022, we were thrilled that Lucy's daughter, Ember had her first litter -  3 males and 6 females, sired by our stud dog, Murray.   


Ember delivered her 9 nine puppies naturally and calmly, with each pup all looking like little individual clones of each other.  She was an excellent first time Mum, always putting her puppies need's first.  It was so much fun getting to know each puppy, ensuring they all received plenty of cuddles and love.

Ember's puppies when home to their furever families in early May and we just love receiving updates on their development and adventures.

Ember and her litter_1 day old.jpg
Ember and her litter_2 days old.jpg

Above: Ember's litter combined with Lucy's final litter (born 2 days apart)



From Pippa's owners...Our darling Pippa is bringing us so much joy and teaching the kids valuable lessons about responsibility. We just love having her as part of our family.

Pippa and Ogilvy.jpg
Tully and Dwyer.jpg


From Tully's owners...Tully is a very energetic, confident pup who loves being the centre of attention.  She's learning her manners and is the right fit into our new home.



From Rupert's owners...Rupert is super cute with a small white patch on his chest and brown eyes. Our deepest thanks to Murraygoldies for selecting us a recipient family for this seasons litter.

Rupert and Leaney.jpg


From Ralph's owners...We just love Ralph, as does our other golden retriever, Leo, who is besotted with him and visa versa. He sits on command and comes to a treat and sits again.  He is very clever at holding his bowels when he wants to also!!

Ralph and Peters.jpg


From River's owners...From day dot she has been extremely confident around the home as well with our other golden, Zephyr.  We can already tell she has lots of character and a fantastic little personality.  Thanks again - we are over the moon with her.

River and King.jpg


From Lily's owners...Lily is so relaxed and cuddly - just perfect for our family.  Thank you guys so much!

Lily and Weir.jpg
Harpo and Brooke.jpg


From Harpo's owners...Harpo is is living and learning so fast.  We absolutely love him, his temperament, his sensible sensibility - he's just a joy. We constantly think of the goodness and calm that you bestowed on him and we are so grateful that you chose us as his family. He is beautiful. 



From Nala's owners...Nala had her check up the other week and everything was good.  She has really settled in well.

Nala and Pickthall.jpg


From Hollie's owners...Hollie has been settling in well.  We are very happy to have her. She is a lovely girl.  We love her so much.

Hollie and Louey.jpg
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